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Goatwhore frontman Ben Falgoust explains why the band originally didn't want Erik Rutan producing again

Goatwhore In an exclusive interview with The Gauntlet yesterday, Ben Falgoust explained why the band was aggravated with the last album and how they almost went with another producer because of it. "We weren't going to go with him at first" stated Ben. "Sammy was aggravated over the guitars from A Haunting Curse. He really didn't like the way the guitar sounded. It was a really good record though but as musicians, you are always going to have things you don't like. Sammy ran into a bunch of problems with his guitars and heads. He wasn't getting the tones he wanted. Everything worked out this time; the guitars are like fucking chainsaws ripping through. The guitars were why we finally went back with Rutan. He got wind that we were on the cusp of using someone else. He said to Sammy "Look man, whatever we have to do to get you all in here, I will do whatever I have to do to get the guitars the way you like." He also said he'd spend his own time if we weren't happy with the guitars. He was really intent in making us happy. Going back to him in general is a bonus."

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Goatwhore released Carving Out the Eyes of God earlier this week on Metal Blade Records.

The Gauntlet has partnered with Metal Blade Records to giveaway tickets to select dates on The Conquer & Curse Tour with Goatwhore and Abigail Williams. Click here for tickets and tour dates.

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    June 27, 2009

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