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Curl Up and Die Bio

Curl Up and Die
Band members
Matt Fuchs - Guitars, Bass and Piano
Jesse Fitts - Drums and Percussion
Mike Minnick - Vocals and Samples
Gustavo Mendoza - Bass


Amidst the sandy deserts and dazzling lights of the city that never sleeps lurks a dark and dismal entity that is Curl Up And Die. Growing up in Las Vegas has unusual effects on a person... here is the evidence - Unfortunately, We're Not Robots.

Curl Up And Die formed in 1998 as a result of a few guys in Vegas being bored, but mostly as an excuse to play in a band. After a few shows, a couple of the guys went their separate ways to pursue other interests and Curl Up And Die found two new willing musicians and got serious. They released an Ep with Status Records entitled The Only Good Bug is a Dead Bug (2000) and a limited 7" - 1998 and with this came amazing results. Following that up, the band initiated a regular weekend touring schedule, (working around school and other obligations) that continues to this day.

After touring this past summer with the likes of 18 Visions, Poison The Well and an appearance at Hell Fest, the boys recorded their Revelation Records debut Unfortunately We're Not Robots with Kurt Ballou (Converge). Although still a young band, Curl Up And Die have already begun to turn heads. Prepare yourself for the release that will do more than just put these kids on the map.

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