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Posted on September 26 2018

NEUROSIS Announces 2019 Tour Of Japan With Converge For February

Both NEUROSIS and Converge have a strong connection based on mutual respect and the two acts have been on double headlining tours in America and Europe every year


Posted on September 25 2018

ICHOR: new promo materials from SEANCE

Late in 2017, the decision was made by Wraith and Diablore to re-form Ichor, and the duo promptly recorded the band's first full-length.


Posted on September 25 2018

CLONE CULTURE (Dark Wave/ Post-Punk)



Posted on September 24 2018

SPEARHEAD Pacifism is Cowardice Out November.

A highly respected stalwart of militant death metal since 2005, SPEARHEAD triumphantly return after seven turbulent years.


Posted on September 24 2018

ZEALOT CULT (ire) Debut Album

In early 2016, Ireland's ZEALOT CULT self-released their debut EP, Karmenian Crypt. Duly impressed by this young quartet's power and poise, BLOOD HARVEST stepped in and released Karmenian Crypt on 12" vinyl later that autumn.


Posted on September 24 2018

FUNERAL CHIC - New LP - New Video

Happy Metal Monday! Have you heard the newest track from blackened crust punks FUNERAL CHIC?


Posted on September 24 2018

Teutonic Terror Unleash LIVE Recordings and Announce SHOWS

In the 10th year since the band's reunion, the quintet can look back on four top 10 albums in Germany, including an unbelievable #1 with Blind Rage (2014) and a brilliant #3 with their latest album The Rise Of Chaos (2017).


Posted on September 21 2018

Gauntlet Announcement!!!

... allows fans of music to earn cryptocurrency for basically doing what they already do, visiting music sites...This is the first of several changes coming in the future weeks...


Posted on September 19 2018

Minority 905, Not following Anyone - LEADING INSTEAD

People who became fans in this generation think if there are no blast beats, atonal growls, and 32nd kicks its simply not Heavy enough. Heres a band that has broken with a lot of tradition and carved their way into a new sound we a bound to hear more from on the big stage.


Posted on September 19 2018


The first single from Anthem of the Peaceful Army, “When The Curtain Falls,” arrived at rock radio on August 15 and is already a Top 10 track with more than 13-million total audio streams


Posted on September 19 2018

AMORIELLO Reveals First Teaser

AMORIELLO Reveals First Teaser for Self-Titled Album Via H42 Records


Posted on September 19 2018


Debemur Morti Productions 14 September 2018


Posted on September 17 2018

Behemoth I Loved You at Your Darkest

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